Useful Facebook Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

Competition is tough on different social platforms, including Facebook. We’ve prepared this guide where you can learn the useful marketing tools for e-commerce and entice potential customers that ultimately lead to better conversions now!

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Useful Facebook Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

Competition is tough on different social platforms, including Facebook. We’ve prepared this guide where you can learn the useful marketing tools for e-commerce and entice potential customers that ultimately lead to better conversions now!

Facebook Analytics

1. Facebook Analytics

Get conversion rates and essential metrics and reports for all of your properties (app, website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile).

Facebook Shop

2. Facebook Shop

It’s specifically intended for sellers offering physical items. That means no software, eBooks, knitting patterns or other digital items.


3. NapoleonCat

Social customer service is a crucial element of selling on social media – or using social media to support your sales. NapoleonCat helps brands manage Facebook conversations and provide a seamless, in-platform customer experience for Facebook users interacting with your brand.

Store Ya

4. Store Ya

One of its lesser-known features is its ability to integrate your Facebook Shop with a host of other popular eCommerce platforms. StoreYa’s features also include real-time KPI tracking and a range of kick-ass marketing tools to boost your conversions.


5. Shopify

If you have existing products on the popular eCommerce platform, you can display them in your newly-opened Facebook Shop with a few clicks of a button. If you choose this route, you’ll also be able to review sales, edit product pages, fulfill orders and track data in Shopify, which is handy since it’s a bit of a pain to do those things within Facebook itself.

Facebook Pixel

6. Facebook Pixel

Pixel tracks all of the traffic sent to a site from Facebook and allows the user to create specific ‘events’ to keep an eye on sales-related user behaviour

Facebook Marketplace

7. Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace makes your items public and visible in both Marketplace itself and News Feed. This gives Marketplace sellers local visibility beyond what the Facebook Shop can offer.

Facebook Messenger

8. Facebook Messenger

Once you’ve set up a chatbot, Facebook users can connect with, chat to and buy from your business in Messenger.All without leaving the app. Payments in Messenger are accepted through PayPal and Stripe and anyone following your Facebook Business Page or visiting your online store can message it.


9. ManyChat

One of the simplest and best is ManyChat. Its target audience are those who find the whole business of chatbot selling a little intimidating. If you want a simple yet functional solution to take it off their hands, ManyChat is for you. It can also be integrated with other apps that produce insights from your Chatbot’s data.

Facebook Ads Manager

10. Facebook Ads Manager

Through Facebook Ads Manager, you have access to all of the marketing tools necessary to create targeted ads meant to reach your audience. If you plan on advertising your small business on Facebook, you must understand how to use it as part of your media strategy.

Facebook Ads Manager App

11. Facebook Ads Manager App

Imagine this, you are traveling and you discover that your Facebook ad budget has run out. As a business owner or social media manager you don’t have to return to the office or pull out your laptop to make changes. By using the app, marketing professionals have the opportunity to:Track ad performance, edit existing ads, edit schedules and budgets,create ads,receive push notifications.


12. Qwaya

There are many features worth mentioning, but I want to focus on two of my favorites: Ads A/B Testing. If you aren’t A/B testing your ads, you’ll never know where to spend your money in the future. With Qwaya, this is never an issue, as you can test every variable imaginable, ensuring that you know what’s performing best at all times. Scheduling, This allows you to schedule campaigns at times when your ROI is highest.


13. AdEspresso

Information is displayed in a clear, actionable way, making it simple to understand how your campaign is being optimized. If you want to go in-depth, you can still access every metric available on Facebook and many more available only in AdEspresso.

Hootsuite Ads

14. Hootsuite Ads

The perfect solution for anybody seeking a simplified tool, there are several things you need to know about Hootsuite Ads: Ability to create ads quickly, with as few as two clicks.The application automatically scans your Facebook Page and news feed, seeking the best posts to promote to your target audience.


15. AdStage

Monitor and drive better performance for your ad campaigns with Automated Rules in AdStage. Save time optimizing campaigns with rules that schedule your marketing campaigns, alert you based on performance, pause campaigns, increase budgets and more.


16. Driftrock

Driftrock implements a unique, four-step approach to Facebook advertising: create, automate, trigger and lead response. You can trigger ads based on weather, TV schedules and other signals


17. AdRoll

In regards to Facebook retargeting, AdRoll can act as your crutch in boosting brand awareness and improving your marketing efforts across the social network.


18. SharpSpring

This enables you to follow your prospects and customers on social sites, and track their interests and behavior. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate third-party CRMs with this solution.


19. BuzzSumo

It is a leading social media analytics tool that helps you to find and study the best performing content related to any niche. This application sweeps the internet to find the desired content and lists the content sources based on the number of shares and likes

Zoho Social

20. Zoho Social

It provides a single dashboard that you can utilize to track revenue from social media marketing campaigns, manage multiple social sites, monitor keywords, schedule posts, and collaborate with your team. Zoho Social is recommended for Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, and you can seamlessly integrate it with Zoho CRM.

Sprout Social

21. Sprout Social

It offers three main tools (publishing, engagement, and analytics) for social communication. Sprout Social enables you to build a user community and monitor social conversations.

Social Studio

22. Social Studio

It helps companies to tap the power of social media to boost their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts. Social Studio empowers businesses to listen and engage with customers in a personalized manner.


23. Mention

It not only delivers info on social mentions, but also provides a segmented summary of sentiment, activities, and time usage. Mention engages not only customers, but also employees and gives them easy access to the reported info.


24. Sendible

It can be used by businesses of all sizes in any industry to monitor and analyze audience engagement. You can use a single dashboard to measure ROI, manage social networks, and schedule messages.


25. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social media analytics tool that empowers you to optimize your brand. With this marketing app you can execute effective campaigns and enhance your brand reputation.


26. Canva

I consider Canva to be a powerful Facebook marketing tool because you’ll find a ton of readymade templates for all kinds of graphics you may need to use on your Facebook page. You’ll find templates for Facebook posts, videos, ads, and stories.


27. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot platform. It allows you to create powerful chatbots, interact with customers, segment your audience, grow your email list, and drive conversions.

Quuu Promote

28. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote is an influencer marketing tool that helps you promote your blog posts through real social media users who have signed up for content suggestions on Quuu. It’s an incredibly effective way to increase engagement for your posts on Facebook and drive a ton of traffic back to your site.


29. SendinBlue

From creating your ad creative to setting up ad parameters to tracking your ad performance, SendinBlue makes it easy to create, manage, and optimize your Facebook campaigns.


30. SocialBee

SocialBee is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts and curate content on all the major social media channels. If you have a lot of “evergreen content” on your blog, then you can use SocialBee to recycle your evergreen posts on Facebook.


31. InVideo

InVideo provides pre-made templates for any kind of video, from promotional videos to video ads to videos for Facebook and Instagram stories. Since videos generate more engagement on Facebook than images, a video creation platform like InVideo could really come in handy in telling your brand story.


32. Rocketium

Text-overlay videos are quite popular on Facebook. Rocketium is a video creator that can help you create engaging text-overlay videos in a jiffy. What makes Rocketium so great is its variety of pre-built video templates and video formats that you can customize and style just the way you want.


33. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is beyond just a great email marketing service. You can also use it to fine-tune your Facebook ads. Mailchimp allows you to use your data to create, buy, and track the results of your Facebook ads in one place.


34. Buffer

It’s a social media scheduling tool that lets you plan, schedule, and post content on Facebook and other major social networks. With Buffer, you can tell your brand’s story more effectively on Facebook and increase your Facebook page engagement.


35. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic, a social management and content curation tool, is well-suited for any marketer who’d like to receive content suggestions and ideas tailored to their specific industry and audience on Facebook. PromoRepublic is a social media scheduler, content organizer, and graphics editor, all rolled into one.


36. SEMrush

SEMrush is also a formidable social media tool, thanks to its Social Media Toolkit. The Social Media Toolkit includes 3 tools: Social Media Poster (to post and schedule your content), Social Media Tracker (to track page and post performance) and Social Media Ads (to manage ads)


37. KingSumo

KingSumo’s easy-to-use editor lets you create your first giveaway within minutes. Once your giveaway is up and running, you can promote it on all social channels, including Facebook to invite contestants.


38. Instapage

Instapage has all the top features that a landing page builder needs to convert traffic into conversions. With Instapage’s easy-to-use drag and drop page builder, you can create professional-looking landing pages that will complement your Facebook marketing campaigns.


39. Headliner

If you have a podcast, you can use Headliner to convert the audio of your podcast into engaging videos and share them on Facebook and other social channels to gain more traction. You can even add waveforms, images, GIFS, and text animations to your video to capture the attention of your audience. Once your video is ready, you can export it in 1080p full HD format or share it directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


40. Planable

Planable is the perfect social media scheduling tool for digital marketing agencies as it allows you to create a shared collaboration space for your team and clients to strategically plan and schedule your content.


41. Outgrow

Interactive content types, especially quizzes, are highly popular on Facebook. To jump on this interactive content bandwagon, you can use Outgrow — a do-it-yourself tool that allows to create different types of interactive content (quizzes, calculators, polls, etc.) to engage your audience on Facebook and other social channels.

Post Planner

42. Post Planner

With Post Planner’s content recommendation engine, you can discover what’s trending in your niche and curate the best content for your audience on Facebook and other major social channels. You can also use Post Planner as a social media scheduling tool to post, schedule, and analyze your posts in one place.


43. Revealbot

Revealbot lets you automate your ad management strategies for Facebook ads, Google ads, and Snapchat ads in a single interface. With Revealbot, you can set rules and goals for your Facebook ad campaigns and effectively manage ad performances.


If you’d like to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaigns, you need to add UTM parameters to your URLs. UTMs are pieces of code that are added to a URL, allowing you to track your website traffic in detail.


45. WordStream

You can start with the free Facebook tool to grade your current Facebook ads performance and see where and how you can improve your results. Then you can use WordStream’s agency solutions to easily manage your campaigns from one place.


46. Agorapulse

With this one Facebook tool, you can publish updates to all the top social networks. You can also schedule posts, as well as add them to a queue to be republished automatically. Use their social media calendar to help you plan these updates, or use their analytics reports to see how your posts measure up.

Social Report

47. Social Report

Social Report is a fully-stocked package including social scheduling and monitoring, analytics and custom reports, a smart inbox and integration across the web. It also makes managing your social media team as easy as pie with user permissions, publication workflow and team member performance reporting.


48. Everypost

Everypost is another all-in-one social media management platform, where you can curate content, collaborate with a team, and schedule and publish posts. This Facebook tool makes it simple to create compelling content by pulling multimedia content from different sources, such as Instagram, Flickr, YouTube – even RSS feeds – and publish it across your social media platforms.


49. WP-Chatbot

Use WP-Chatbot to add the next level of engagement, interactivity and connection to your Facebook marketing audience. Businesses can answer website visitors’ questions automatically and instantly, and even better, send follow-up messaging to contacts in Facebook Messenger.


50. Wishpond

Wishpond is a site that makes it easy for marketers to increase awareness on Facebook networks using various contest tools. One such type of contest is an Instagram hashtag contest, in which your followers enter by using a specific hashtag. This increases audience engagement and draws attention to your brand.


51. Pagemodo

Pagemodo’s page customization Facebook tools are very beneficial for customizing your Facebook page. You can create compelling cover photos, add custom tabs, create “Like Gates” where people have to like the page before seeing content, and create contests for your page!


52. Falcon

Falcon is a platform of Facebook tools that allow you to publish, track, and measure social content. You can also use it to manage your ad campaigns! One of Falcon’s most interesting Facebook tools is it’s Listen feature, which allows you to monitor social media trends, analyze sentiment in your mentions, and receive email updates of trends

Facebook Ad Library

53. Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library is a great competitive intelligence Facebook tool for marketers. It allows you to essentially spy on your competitors. You can see what works for them – what messages they are promoting, or what types of ads they’ve been running for a long time.


54. Awario

Awario is a social media listening tool made for solopreneurs and small businesses. It doesn’t require a large budget, yet it covers all major social media listening features: finds mentions of your brand or any other keyword on all major social media platforms, including influential forums like Reddit; breaks mentions down into positive, negative, and neutral ones; shows you a list of influencers; and offers reports with all the stats on the authors that mention your brand.


55. Socialinsider

Socialinsider is an analytics and benchmarking tool for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. With this tool, you can see where you stand against top competitors, optimize your clients' social media strategy with advanced analytics and competitive benchmarking, track social media KPIs, and share branded reports with your clients.


56. ShortStack

ShortStack is designed to make the ad and contest creation process easier for Facebook and other social media platforms. It features a friendly UI and dozens of tools to help you create the campaign you need.


57. DrumUp

DrumUp is a combination content marketing and social media tool that helps you find the most appropriate and effective content topics your audience would appreciate. It functions as a content research and recommendation tool, in addition to giving you key insights about your social media strategy in general.

Social Bakers

58. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is a social analytics app that works with almost any social media app you can think of. It will bring you competitive research, audience insights, KPIs, and other social data in customized reports you can tailor to your specific goals

Facebook Creative Hub

59. Facebook Creative Hub

Facebook Creative Hub is a resource for learning about, mocking up, previewing, and testing Facebook and Instagram ads. Browse the inspiration gallery and learn how to build effective ads.


60. AdSector

AdSector is another Facebook ad spy tool that you will really love to use. By using this tool you can find the best performing ads in the niche you are working in and find the competitor’s ads to make your ads better and winning from them.


61. MagicAdz

It helps the advertisers to find the hidden Facebook ads with their landing page. This helps the advertiser to do a deep analysis of the landing page, strategy and sales funnel.

Why should I use Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel lets you monitor your customer’s actions on your website. It connects you with your target audience and can measure results of your Facebook ads.

What can Facebook Pixel track?

Facebook Pixel can track the following events and record the activity of your potential customers: purchase, lead, complete registration, add payment info, initiate checkout, add to cart, add to wishlist, search and view content.

How many people buy on their first visit on the website?

Studies show that only about 2% of first-time visitors purchase something from your website on their first visit. That’s normal though. You just have to focus on a marketing strategy that will make them come back repeatedly until they make a purchase.

What is Ad creation tool?

Using Ad creation tool, you can target specific audience segments. With this tool, a Facebook Ad can provide your store’s location (with directions), link to your website, download your app, view your product videos, and shop directly.

What are Slideshow ads?

As the name suggests, these ads are in slideshow form that potential customers can easily swipe through. This type of ad is optimized for mobile users and can reach even those with very slow Internet connections.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram has over 500 million users, and advertising your Facebook ad there would increase your sales funnel. Instagram ads can be managed through the Ad Manager on Facebook.

Are hashtags helpful in conversion?

Hashtags categorize posts by the words and phrases in a hashtag — that is a huge plus! Not only do you have additional information on the interests of people but hashtags will help an audience find your page faster as well.

What is Business Manager?

Business Manager is a Facebook marketing tool that lets you manage your pages, groups, people, and ad accounts in one place. This tool is free to use and has a good security system.

What are Dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads can only be accessed by having a Business Manager account on Facebook. This tool helps you promote relevant products to people who have an engagement history with your websites or Facebook ads.

What is Power Editor?

Power Editor is a Facebook marketing tool that marketers or advertisers can use to control multiple ads or campaigns.

A lot of Facebook marketing tools can be used for free! Use that to your advantage and test out which one perfectly suits your team. There’s no guarantee in which tool will be effective for your business but rest assured one of them can boost your conversion!

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